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Jane Malcolm-Davies

Jane Malcolm-Davies (author) is director of JMD&Co, a live interpretation consultancy and lecturer in business management at Farnborough College of Technology. She managed costumed interpretation at Hampton Court Palace from 1992 to 2004 and was lecturer in leisure management at the University of Surrey until 2005, where she gained her doctorate in heritage interpretation. She has been a research fellow at the Textiles Conservation Centre at the University of Southampton and a senior research fellow at the Centre for Interpretation Studies in Perth. Her current work includes training front-of-house staff for historic properties (including Buckingham Palace). Jane also undertakes interpretation, evaluation and other visitor studies for heritage organisations such as The National Trust and Historic Scotland.

Ninya Mikhaila

Ninya Mikhaila (author) has been making reconstructions of historic costumes for museums and heritage sites since 1988. She established her business in 1994 after gaining a Higher National Diploma in Costume Interpretation at the London College of Fashion. She has been the principal maker for JMD&Co since then. Other clients include Historic Royal Palaces, The Royal Armouries, The National Trust, English Heritage, The National Archives and Gainsborough’s House. Ninya also led Nottingham University’s recent course in the social history of Tudor dress. Ninya is married to Michael Perry, they live in Nottingham with their two young daughters.

Michael Perry

Michael Perry (illustrator) worked as a designer for Games Workshop from 1978-2014. As a freelance illustrator he has provided the colour plates for eight Osprey Men at Arms and Campaign Series reference books. In 2013 Michael was commissioned to produce eight large illustrated figures for inclusion in the In Fine Style exhibition for The Royal Collection. He runs Perry Miniatures, a company making 28mm historical figures for collectors, with his brother Alan. Through Perry Miniatures Michael has illustrated and published books on military history including The First Carlist War by Conrad Cairns and Go Strong into the Desert by Lt. Col. Mike Snook. He is married to Ninya Mikhaila, they live in Nottingham with their two young daughters.

Jane Huggett

Jane Huggett is co-author of The Tudor Child. She a dress historian and costumier whose previous publications include Clothes of the Common Man and Clothes for the Common Woman (two volumes each; 1480 to 1580 and 1580 to 1660) both for Stuart Press. Jane has been making reconstructions of historic costumes for museums and heritage sites since 1987. Clients include The National Trust, Warwick Castle, Shakespeare’s Birthplace Trust, JMD&Co for Hampton Court Palace and Past Pleasures for Hampton Court Palace, The Mary Rose Trust and The Tower of London. Jane has worked as a costumed interpreter for Hampton Court Palace and is currently working in the same capacity at Milestones Museum in Basingstoke, Hampshire.

Caroline Johnson

Caroline Johnson (author) is co-director of JMD&Co and was responsible for researching and supervising the reproduction costumes used at Hampton Court Palace and other historic sites from 1992 to 2004. Caroline specialises in research into documentary evidence and primary sources on Tudor costume. Caroline is a former trustee of The Costume Society, has been chairman and secretary of the Southern Counties Costume Society
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