4th January 2014

We are now offering our exclusive 16th century doll’s head-and-hands set for sale separately from the complete kits (which also include materials for the doll’s body, hair and stuffing). The new set, which was sculpted by Michael Perry for The Tudor Tailor, and is based on extant examples of Tudor dolls and their representations in paintings of the period. The head and hands were originally researched and designed for the reconstruction included in our book The Tudor Child: Clothing & Culture 1485 to 1625, where it features on the cover. The complete doll kits proved popular over the Christmas period but we thought we would give customers the opportunity to purchase the head and hands alone to make dolls from their own materials using the pattern in the book, or indeed any other 1/6th scale pattern. The sets are cast in resin and come with a basic painting guide. They cost £10 plus postage and packing. Unlike Dr Coppélius’s creation, we can’t guarantee your doll will come to life and dance for you – although it is still Christmastide, and, if you make a wish, you never know …

The new doll is available now in our shop.

21 April 2015
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22 February 2015
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22 February 2015
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