1st December 2013
Season’s Greetings to all! The Tudor Tailor is launching the Christmas festivities with a brand new website – and a gift for all our colleagues and customers! Visit the new shop where you are welcome to use our December discount of 25% off books, patterns, haberdashery and other products. When you reach the checkout, please use the code “HAPPYCHRISTMAS25” to knock a quarter off your bill (look for the blue”Apply shop coupon code” link during checkout). We hope this will make your 2013 Christmas shopping a joyous experience – and don’t forget to buy something for yourself while you are there …
Here are the last dates on which we can accept orders to be sure of despatching gifts in time for them to reach their destinations in time for Christmas:

Wed 4 Dec – Australia
Mon 9 Dec – Canada, France, Greece, Poland
Thurs 12 Dec – USA
Fri 13 Dec – Western Europe (excluding France, Greece, Poland)
Thurs 19 Dec – UK

22 February 2015
What’s next? Option2: The Typical Tudor
22 February 2015
What’s next? Option 1: Doublets of Defence
12 February 2015
What The Tudor Tailor did next

The Tudor Tailor doesn’t know which way to turn. Jane and Ninya need readers’ and customers’ help to decide which project to publish in the coming year. There has been a great deal of ongoing research since The Tudor Child was born in March 2013 and all of it is producing exciting, ground-breaking information. Most of it is coming together around two main themes and this puts The Tudor Tailor in a quandary.