30 March 2014

It’s Easter this month and time to trim your bonnet! By the sixteenth century, the tradition of wearing new clothes for the Easter holiday was established. In Thomas Lodge’s Wits Miserie, published in 1596, he laments the farmer who sells his cow to buy silk clothes “against Easter”. If new clothes stretched the household budget too far, old clothes could be altered, “turned” or trimmed in celebration of spring and renewal.

Gina Barrett’s series of books and DVDs give detailed step-by-step instructions for making braids, cords, tassels and buttons suitable for rejuvenating, embellishing and fastening period garments. The Tudor Tailor is offering a 20 per cent discount on the entire range for April, so you won’t need to sell your cow in order to cut a dash!

The Making braids & cords and Making tassels DVDs are usually priced at £17 but are reduced to £14 for the month of April. The Making more buttons double DVD is reduced from £25 to £20 and Gina’s book Buttons: A passementerie workshop manual, usually priced at £19, is available at £15.


The photographs show a range of braids and cords for which instructions are provided in Gina’s Making braids & cords DVD and a delicate handmade silk cord holding Lady Mary Feilding’s reproduction ruff in place in a style typical of late Tudor costume (as featured in The Tudor Child – visit www.tudortailor.com/the-tudor-child to discover more of the lovely details hidden in this book).

Visit www.tudortailor/shop to see the whole range. The prices for this month’s special offers will be automatically discounted from Tuesday 1 April until the end of the month – enjoy browsing and shopping at www.tudortailor.com!

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22 February 2015
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