1st December 2013

We are delighted to bring you our new-look website. Since we launched the original site back in 2005, our range of books, products and services has expanded and developed beyond recognition and we feel that an update is overdue! The shop is now linked to Etsy which offers a user-friendly platform showing prices in customers’ home currencies and enabling us to charge accurate postage to all destinations. The site is still under construction and will be further developed over the next few weeks so do keep checking in for updates. Happy shopping!

22 February 2015
What’s next? Option2: The Typical Tudor
22 February 2015
What’s next? Option 1: Doublets of Defence
12 February 2015
What The Tudor Tailor did next

The Tudor Tailor doesn’t know which way to turn. Jane and Ninya need readers’ and customers’ help to decide which project to publish in the coming year. There has been a great deal of ongoing research since The Tudor Child was born in March 2013 and all of it is producing exciting, ground-breaking information. Most of it is coming together around two main themes and this puts The Tudor Tailor in a quandary.