Replica Tudor Style Gold-Plated "Ruby" Ring for Renaissance/Elizabethan Reenactment - Small Size

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These gold-plated pewter rings are made exclusively for The Tudor Tailor by Steve Millingham. The quatrefoil design with a central table cut stone is typical of the Tudor period and can be seen in the portraits of Henry VIII, Jane Seymour and Catherine Parr, to name but a few. Rings of this design continued to be worn by both men and women of the elite class right the way through the century.

Diamonds and rubies were two of the most popular precious stones at the time and we have therefore chosen to offer a choice of cubic zirconia in clear and red tones to represent these. We are also offering a black CZ option to simulate black diamonds.

Our rings are currently available in three sizes with the following diameters: Large/23mm, Medium/18mm, and Small/16mm. The manner of wearing rings in the sixteenth century on any finger or thumb (apart from the index finger) allows a degree of flexibility with fit. The last photo in this listing give a sense of the difference in size between the large, medium and small ring. All sizes are set with 8mm square stones.

Please note, this listing is for a small 'ruby' ring, 16mm in diameter. (The image of the hand wearing a ring with a clear stone is merely intended to give a sense of scale.) For other sizes and stone options, please see our complete list of rings in our Jewellery section here:

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