Dressing Queen Elizabeth

Queen Elizabeth I’s image was carefully constructed throughout her life and reached its most fascinating in the 1590s, when she was no longer young or beautiful. This presentation shows how the queen dressed from her underwear to her jewel-encrusted exterior and shares anecdotes about her relationships with the servants and courtiers who helped maintain her public front. It considers the sources available for reconstructing the queen’s clothes today – from the archaeological and documentary evidence to the range of modern textiles which mimic those of the 16th century. There are opportunities for questions, reconstructed items are available to handle, and photographs are welcome.
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“Your presentation of Dressing Queen Elizabeth was much appreciated by our members, we have had really positive feedback from them. Personally, I was amazed at the work that went into making the garments and I could not believe the number of pearls entailed!”
Janice Collins, Trustee, Townswomen’s Guilds
“Entertainment with substance – wonderful, thank you!”
Debbie Gray, Federation of Image Consultants, UK
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