This lively look inside the clothes presses of ordinary and middle-class people in 16th century England charts wool’s journey from sheep to wardrobe. Discover what evidence there is for their clothes, where their garments came from, and how they were made and maintained. This dressing demonstration compares and contrasts everyday wear with Sunday best and explains other clothing conventions of Tudor society. It also discusses some of the challenges of recreating historic dress for 21st century wear.

If you would like to host a Tudor Tailor event, please contact Jane (visit “contact us” for details) to discuss prices and practicalities. We are based in the UK but happy to travel the world!
“Jane and Ninya come prepared to entertain and educate. Their background in Tudor clothing and society is extensive and we have enjoyed their presentations and workshops sessions. I could not give these two ladies a higher recommendation. Easy to work with, prepared and yet flexible to the changes each venue may have. When I do a fund raiser I want it to be something I enjoy. I enjoy history, historic fashion and successful events. Both times we have hosted their event it has been a rousing success. Everyone was pleased and I look forward to their next book release and trip west!”

Lynn Combs, board member, Vallejo Music Theatre
3 August 2014
High fives at The Tudor Tailor

It’s all high 5s at The Tudor Tailor right now. The Facebook page whizzed past the 5,000 likes milestone during July, which is certainly something to celebrate – and Jane turned 50! Please share in our happy news by buying from The Tudor Tailor shop on the 5 August when all books and patterns will cost a fiver …

30 June 2014
Get violent with your velvets

Get violent with your velvets under the expert eye of The Tudor Tailor using specially-designed, hand-made tools for the job. Ninya and Jane are working with Stephen Norris of Red Dog Forge (www.reddogforge.co.uk) to develop a brand new set of pinking tools, to be launched during their visit to Chicago’s Silver Linings Sewing Studio in October. The event features a hands-on workshop – Slash thy sleeves - with opportunities to try hot printing, ravelling and pinking using The Tudor Tailor’s newly-produced blades. The cast brass pinking tools are in production now (price to be confirmed) and will not be available to buy elsewhere until 1 December 2014. Participants who reserve places at the event in advance qualify for generous discounts on other products too but to whet everyone’s appetites, the team’s latest book The Tudor Child is on special offer at £18 for the month of July.

1 June 2014
Less is more – unless it’s lace

We are celebrating lace this month at The Tudor Tailor for two very good reasons. The first is that we have had a regular visitor to the shop over the past year who has made various purchases of lace and buttons. Little did we know that the customer was artist Sophie Ploeg and she was using the pieces in her latest works. The second cause for celebration is that we now have copies of a sumptuous new book of 17th century costume and textiles, including lace, from Glasgow Museums’ European costume collection for sale in the Tudor Tailor shop.