September 5, 2019

Fashion forensics to the fore in the case of the Missing Persons

Alex Hildred, Head of Research, at the Mary Rose with Jane

Jane and Ninya had a grand day out in and around Portsmouth, home of the Mary Rose, this week to recruit more specialists to the search for The Typical Tudor. The team of witnesses appearing at the Nottingham courtroom next April now includes:

Maria HaywardProfessor of Early Modern History at the University of Southampton

Maria is well known for her books Dress at the Court of King Henry VIII (2007) and Rich Apparel: Clothing and the Law in Henry VIII's England (2009) and will soon add a new publication to her credits. Stuart Style: Monarchy, Dress and the Scottish Male Elite is scheduled for release in March 2020. Maria will delve into the documentary evidence for ordinary people and consider the clues to their appearance hidden in sumptuary regulations of the era.

Alexzandra HildredHead of Research at The Mary Rose

Alex recently appeared on international television announcing ground-breaking results which demonstrate the diversity of the Tudor population. Her new book on the crew of the Mary Rose is nearly finished and is eagerly anticipated. Alex will review the archaeological evidence for ordinary people’s clothing among the archaeological fragments from the shipwreck and, for the first time, stitch it together with forensic evidence from skeletons which show men of African ancestry among those who drowned in 1545.

Pat Poppy, independent scholar and doyenne of documentary data

Pat has not only contributed to research for The Typical Tudor but is hard at work on The Stuart Tailor. Pat is a long-serving supporter of The Costume Society (for which she was memberships secretary and continues to contribute to its journal Costume). She is also an active member of the Medieval Dress & Textile Society (MEDATS) and the Knitting History Forum (KHF). Visit her blog which takes a critical look at data on dress in the Early Modern era.

Conference update – Fri 3 to Sunday 5 April 2020

More than half the available tickets for the conference are already sold. Book your place now to be sure of attending. The full programme details and booking information are here. The new book The Typical Tudor will be launched at the gala dinner on Saturday 4 April 2020 and the reconstructions featured in it will be on display at the Society of Artists’ gallery in Nottingham city centre. Plans are underway for “Plus Ones” activities too. If you are travelling to Nottingham with friends or family, they may like to consider following in the footsteps of Robin Hood or exploring the local wargaming opportunities while you are joining the hunt for the Tudor Missing Persons.

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