August 21, 2022

‘I entreat you ... rest here in our court some little time’ - Hamlet, act 2, scene 2

Ninya (left) and Jane (right) enjoying the splendid gardens at Holme Pierrepont Hall

Jane and Ninya met last week to work on details for the courtroom drama and gala evening in Nottingham on Sunday 23 October 2022. The big news is that for any would-be attendees who are unable to come to the whole event there are now day seats available: ‘Groundling & Gala’ at £150, ‘Groundling’ (for the courtroom drama during the day) at £85, and Gala (evening event) at £65. Tickets are still available as part of the full conference programme (courtroom drama, gala evening and the exciting day of activities) in Nottingham at a cost of £299. Buy all the tickets here (and see the full programme there too).

Jane and Ninya’s visit to Holme Pierrepont Hall, hosted by Robert and Charlotte Brackenbury (the 19th generation owners of the hall), was an exciting reminder of just how lovely the 16th century house and grounds are – a perfect setting for a memorable celebratory evening where there will be plenty of photo opportunities and a presentation by dress detective Amber Butchart. Jane and Ninya also had a pleasant dinner with His Honour Andrew Hamilton, who will preside over the proceedings in the courtroom. This proved extremely helpful for organising the order of the day. Anticipate some surprising and fun(ny) moments!

Amber Butchart will present her work as a dress detective during the gala evening at Holme Pierrepont Hall on Sun 23 Oct 2022. Amber is a curator, writer and broadcaster who specialises in the cultural and political history of textiles and dress. She is author of the eponymous Fashion Miscellany which offers tips and trivia casting a quizzical eye over vestimentary oddities.

Tarnya Cooper will defend the credibility of pictorial evidence for The Typical Tudor’s dress in portraiture in the historic courtroom in Nottingham on Sun 23 Oct 2022. Tarnya is Curatorial & Collections Director at The National Trust and author of Citizen Portrait: portrait painting and the urban elite of Tudor and Jacobean England & Wales.

Susan North will bring a mystery twist on The Typical Tudor’s clothing to the courtroom drama in Nottingham on Sun 23 Oct 2022. Susan is Curator of Fashion at the V&A Museum, London, and author of Sweet and clean? Bodies and clothes in early modern England.

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