April 28, 2020

‘The best laid plans of mice and men go oft awry’ – Robert Burns

Jodie, Jane, Andrew (The Judge) and Ninya in the historic courtroom - all ready and waiting to host the 'Missing Persons'

Much has happened since the last Tudor Tailor news went live. The Missing Persons conference and exhibition in Nottingham were to have taken place in early April to launch The Typical Tudor. Due to the coronavirus situation, these events were postponed to September 2020. Most of The Tudor Tailor's venues, speakers and other suppliers were very accommodating making it possible for the team to reschedule at short notice with only one change to the programme. The gala dinner will now take place at a beautiful sixteenth century manor house, Holme Pierrepont Hall instead of the Council House in the city centre. So – that is Plan B.

What the situation will be in five months’ time is still uncertain to us all … The Tudor Tailor now has Plan C in place for dates in February 2021 in case they are needed. Watch this space for updates as soon as the situation becomes clearer.

In the meantime, work has continued on bringing The Typical Tudor to publication. The team has taken the opportunity to review the material in the book, polish the footnotes, and chase down some elusive images which would not have been feasible for inclusion by the April launch date.

One of the exciting new ingredients is the inclusion of knitting instructions for caps, stockings and sleeves, all of which have been tested extensively by a large team of knitters, who have provided helpful feedback. The recommendations for improvements have been carefully incorporated into the instructions.

Jane and Ninya hope the book will be all the better for these contributions and that, despite any potential delays, it will be worth the wait. For more information about the book, please visit the webpage about it. The plan is for it to be delivered to those who purchased conference tickets and other preorderers in early June and go on general sale later in the month. Preorders are still being accepted – see prices and information on how to purchase here.

The Etsy shop remains open and, judging by the numbers of orders coming in, many of The Tudor Tailor's readers are making the most of lockdown and are busy with creative projects.

Jane and Ninya would like to take this opportunity to acknowledge the work of others in the TT team during these challenging times. Melanie Beaven joined us nearly a year ago and is responsible for making up the pattern kits, packing all of the orders, and keeping the TT shop fully stocked. She has continued working partly from home and partly from Ninya’s husband Michael’s games room where the enormous wargaming table has been commandeered for pattern packing! Some of you may have spotted Melanie in our recent YouTube video demonstrating Tudor hair lacing – keep an eye out for more of these in the coming weeks!

Our webmaster and database queen Jodie Cox celebrated her birthday on 28 April in complete social shielding isolation (she is captain of the British Women’s Transplant Swimming Team and has to be extra careful to protect her immune system). But – even in Absolute Lockdown - she is still busy processing sales and looking after the website. Last but not least, our Stateside team member, Kendra Keller, has been working hard proofreading final drafts of the book, chasing image reproduction licenses, and writing captions to the exacting standards of the copyright holders.

Stay safe but keep sewing …

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