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A successful foray into television has prompted an update to one of The Tudor Tailor’s best-loved patterns. Eager headdress researchers are already excited to see the information in a practical format. Ninya’s recent work with the BBC was an opportunity to put theory to the test and it passed with flying colours. The “gable hood” is now a “Tudor lady’s bonnet, frontlet, paste and edge” reflecting research published in The Queen’s Servants in 2011. The new Tudor Tailor bonnets, frontlets and pastes feature in an exciting BBC2 documentary to be shown in January 2015. The programme, presented by Lucy Worsley, includes a recreation of Edward VI’s christening procession at Hampton Court Palace in 1537. Television director Rachel Jardine was keen for the clothes to look right for the period and, in particular, for the ladies’ headwear to be accurate. Ninya used the gable hood instructions from The Tudor Tailor but altered the pattern and construction techniques to incorporate Caroline Johnson’s findings about headwear issued to the royals and their attendants from 1485 to 1520. If you fancy one of the bonnets or an updated version of the pattern (https://www.etsy.com/listing/111957689/patterns-for-tudor-ladys-bonnets) for Christmas or know someone whose Tudor look would be completed by one of them, visit the online shop (http://www.tudortailor.com/shop/) soon because the final ordering dates are fast approaching (see below). The pattern costs £22.50 (about US$35). ...

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