‘… my love was crafty love’ - King John, act IV scene 1


The Tudor Tailor team aims to provide research, resources and inspiration for people who enjoy learning about 16th century dress - for fun, for educational projects, for reenactment events, for heritage sites, for stage plays and for screen productions. 

The collaborative team is headed by Ninya Mikhaila and Jane Malcolm-Davies, who specialise in the social history of dress with practical guidance on reconstructing historic clothing for interpretive projects. They combine meticulous research with an irreverent attitude offering scholarly information with a sense of humour. 

The Tudor Tailor develops entertaining events, creates bespoke reconstructions of historic dress, and designs exhibitions in partnership with clients in the UK, north America and across Europe. 

The team recently published a new book which updates and expands The Tudor Tailor (2006). The Typical Tudor concentrates on the clothing of the middling to lower sort in the 16th century.

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This eagerly awaited follow up toThe Tudor Tailor presents a fascinating introduction to the range of garments worn by ordinary men and women 500 years ago.

Missing Persons Online: The Garment Autopsy

Join Jane and Ninya to relive the exciting revelation of a previously unpublished Tudor garment. A detailed examination of a recently discovered 16th century farthingale sleeve is the focus of the next Tudor Tailor online event.

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If you're busy planning your next project then make sure you pop over to our Etsy shop where we sell a large collection of books and resources for making historic costume.

Who do you think you were?

Each episode of our YouTube series showcases a specific garment featured in The Typical Tudor; bringing to life one of the many individuals whose wills make up the data on which the book is based.

Latest News

September 27, 2023

‘… my love was crafty love’ - King John, act IV scene 1

Michaelmas at the end of September was a traditional quarter day in the Tudor calendar. It was when rents were paid and people were given their wages. It was a good time to plan food for the winter and Christmas expenditure.

August 29, 2023

‘Look upon that sleeve; behold it well’ - Troilus & Cressida, act V, scene 2

Jane and Ninya are pleased to announce that thanks to the interest and excitement over their discovery of an original 16th century farthingale sleeve, The Tudor Tailor will soon have kits for making them available.

July 27, 2023

‘A trunk sleeve ... curiously cut’ - Taming of the Shrew, act IV, scene 3

The Tudor Tailor’s recent ‘forensic’ investigation of the farthingale sleeve and its silk oversleeve has provided fascinating new information about their construction.

They were so helpful in working with me to get exactly the length and color I needed. GREAT! I bought buttons from them also and they were beautiful! My Mayflower voyager jacket is perfect!

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