The Tudor Tailor


  • 160 pages
  • 80 historical illustrations, many in colour
  • Over 100 specially commissioned line drawings
  • 36 patterns with full step-by-step instructions and photographs showing finished garments worn by real people


The first four chapters provide a social history of clothes in the 16th century, drawing on the latest research and primary sources such as ordinary people’s wills and surviving royal records. There is discussion of the materials used, people’s financial and social relationships with their clothes, and the changes in dress from birth to death. There is as much emphasis on the clothes of ordinary people as there is on high fashion. There is also general advice on choosing materials, construction methods, and an insight into the Tudor tailor’s sewing kit.


I just received my copy of the Tudor Tailor. It’s fantastic! Well done and congratulations! Thank you especially for your work on the lower classes. I have spent the last few years trying to sort out lower class garb to wear when camping.

— Katrina Hunt Canberra, Australia

I received my book yesterday and I can’t put it down!… The fabric information is awesome, not just for the upper class but all the way down the list, they also show what a tradeswoman versus a farmer would be wearing during the 1500s … I have learned so much especially about pins! … I can only say if you are into Tudor you cannot miss this book!

— Simone Bryan San José, California, US

Many congratulations to you on your lovely book – it arrived just before I went away for the week and it certainly brightened up my day and that of those around me

— Dr Maria Hayward Director of the AHRC Research Centre for Textile Conservation and Textile Studies, Winchester School of Art, UK

I bought this out of interest to help my daughter with a project on the Tudors. What a mine of information it proved to be! I’m no great seamstress and the instructions took some careful reading but the patterns were excellent and my daughter is now the proud owner of an incredible costume. The historical detail was fascinating and thorough. If you are planning a historical reconstruction then this book is a must

— Mrs FP Tompkins Cardiff, UK